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    The university's mission is to help the community of researchers and students seek the truth.

    University is the place where the knowledge of the era is most clearly revealed. There should be united people as teachers and students whose professions are, first and foremost, the search for truth in the name of truth. The search for truth is the prerogative of man as an independent individual.

    The state and society created their universities. They protect universities as if they were independent creatures. They believe in the responsibility of the people who are endowed with the right ideas and enthusiasm of the universities to whom everything is done. In a state of lies, the longing for truth is lost. Such states seek a great deal of truth in order to strengthen their own stability. Only the search for the foundation of truth raises the necessity of establishing a university (truth is not only found in the finished results). Within the university, ways will be revealed for the truth with the help and support of those whose energy is directed towards rebuilding the entire educational system.

    The essence of the university is not just a school, but a peculiar, special school where knowledge alone is not enough. According to the university's idea, students are responsible for themselves. They need to be critical of their teachers, as teaching is characterized by freedom. In turn, the professor's task is to convey the truth through science. At the same time, the professor is also free to teach.

    Universities are the corporation responsible for the month despite the various official rights vested in them (the Pope's letter, the emperor's founding letter, the House of Representatives or the Constitution, etc.). They have freedom and independence, as was the wish of the founders. The university exists independently of the state and derives from the eternal idea, the idea of ​​a supernatural, supranational, and all-encompassing nature. This is where the claim to freedom of research and teaching comes from, which means that universities must seek the truth, teach independently, regardless of whether or not they have internal limitations.

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    State and community care for universities. This care, first and foremost, is conditioned by the fact that the university is based on professional knowledge that requires the development of scientific habits and the training of the soul.

    The search for truth, which involves both the achievements of the scientist and the development of the way of thinking of the person coming to the university, will produce the desired results in the further application of professional knowledge. This is almost without a doubt. But no matter how suspicious it may be, one thing remains untouched. It is a man's quest for an endless search for truth under all conditions, since only in this way can self-knowledge be possible.

    The university is an institution with its real goals. These goals can be achieved through spiritual upliftment. In turn, the latter goes beyond the bounds of any reality, merely to return it more clearly and unambiguously thereafter.

    However, it is puzzling that the existence of this kind of university is questionable today. Today's higher education institutions are actually remarkably useless. So is university a fiction? If the basis and purpose of the university are to be the truth, then what is truth itself? If the process of seeking the truth is on the shoulders of the state, does the state use these searches for completely different purposes? Do university reforms take into account the situation when the turmoil outside creates some chaos? Is it possible to reform only on the basis of spiritual revival? And in general, is such a revival possible? After all, maybe it's already happening to every single person?

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